Professional Services

Current Rates

Stalls currently available. Contact us today for more information!


$45 – 45min private lesson
$35 – 45min group lesson – gymnastics lessons only (lengthened as needed)
$40 – Training Ride
$45 – Ship in lesson
$20 – Ship in to use arena ($10 for a stall)
*Monthly rates available


$550/month – Traditional Board (regular group turnout (weather permitting), am/pm feed, stall care, bedding, night check)
$620/month – Non-traditional Board (scheduled turnout, private turnout and stallions)
$1100/month – Foaling and/or mares with foal (double stall care, turn out, am/pm feeding, night check)
$900/month – Rehab & Lay-up board (full care: bandage change, medicine, therapies and hand walking)
$750/month – Stall rest board (private walkout and/or private turnout if needed)
$925/month – Full Training (traditional board plus 5 days/week of professional riding)
$800/month – Partial training (traditional board plus 3 days/week of professional riding)


$1050/month – Packaged service (traditional board, 2 training rides/week and 2 lessons/week = 8 lessons/month)
$920/month – Packaged service (traditional board, 2 training rides/week and 1 lesson/week = 4 lessons/month)
$830/month – Packaged service (traditional board and 2 lessons/week = 8/month)
$710/month – Packaged service (traditional board and 1 lesson/week = 4/month)

*All rates include Ontario County sales tax of 7.5%. Rates are subject to change as needed and are not guaranteed. *

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Contact us today for more information!

Finger Lakes Equestrian Center
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Dan Schubmehl: 585-474-2791
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